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Tin Ingot


  • Product Parameters

1.High purity (Sn99.99, Sn99.95, Sn99.90), excellent weld ability, good infiltration.
2.Clean, beautiful. After welding, insulation, high resistance, low ionic contamination, PCB board welding residual minimal.
3.Good oxidation resistance, low tin slag and cost savings.
4.Solder joint is bright, full and uniform.
5.Economical and can produce the lowest consumption of the solid solder joints.


Silver-white metal, soft, with good ductility. Melting point 232℃, density of 7.29g/cm3. Non-toxic.
Tin is a soft, silvery white metal but it with lead, zinc is very similar, but it looks to be more brighter. Its hardness is relatively low, you can cut it with a knife. It has good ductility, especially at a temperature of 100℃, can develop into a very thin foil, the thickness can be as thin as 0.04mm or less.
1. Mainly used for electronic industry soldering
2. In the float glass production, molten glass floating on molten tin pool surface is easily to be cooled and solidified.
3. Widely used as a coating material in high-precision electronic products, and other requirements of precision welding products, welding products, general electronics, food industry packaging, automotive and electrical industry, and high temperature resistant products.
 Packing: net weight of each ingot 25kg+/-1.5kg each 40 ingot of tin strapped with galvanized steel belt, net weight 1000kg+/-30kg.

Purity(%) As      FeCuPb      BiSbCdZnAlTotal
99.990.0005 0.0025 0.0005 0.00350.00250.0020.00030.00050.00050.01